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TOP 園だより Welcome back! (January 8–12)

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Comet Class

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Welcome back! (January 8–12)

Welcome back! (January 8–12)

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year’s break, and we are so excited to see everyone!

We started the new year back strong thanks to some of our parents who arranged for us to attend an afternoon tour of Value Books! There were so many books and the children were very happy to explore! We didn’t only play, though, because the staff let each of the kids try shipping out books themselves! As a reward, the kids got to choose a book of their very own from the book bus out front, and they even let us draw pictures on the car’s exterior! We want to give a big thanks to Value Books and the parents that arranged the tour for us!

We also ended the week with omochitsuki where everyone got to try pounding the mochi with a hammer. We had some wonderful parent volunteers help us to make the event a big success, and we are especially grateful for the organizer who helped bring us all the omochitsuki supplies. We were also grateful to receive so many donations for the Ishikawa Prefecture earthquake relief fund. Between Rocket and Comet Class, we were able to donate 43,381 yen. Thank you for your generous donations! And thanks to everyone who helped out today!
また、最後にお餅つきを行い、ハンマーでお餅をついていただきました。素晴らしい保護者ボランティアの方々にもお手伝いいただき、大成功を収めることができました。特に、お餅つきの材料を運んでくださった主催者の方には感謝しています。また、石川県地震災害義援金にたくさんの寄付をいただき、ありがとうございました。 ロケットクラスとコメットクラスで43,381円を寄付することができました。ご寄付ありがとうございました!


This week, we started a brand-new UOI lesson all focusing on transportation. This topic is a favorite of everyone in the class! On Tuesday, we learned the English names of a bunch of familiar and unfamilar vehicles and then tried to guess if those vehicles operated on the land, in the water, or up in the sky. On Wednesday, the children had a lot of fun trying to guess the sound of vehicles in a sound-guessing game. The kids were very interested in submarines and hot air balloons!

Our Central Idea this time is: Exploring the World Through Transportation
今回のセントラル・アイデアは 交通を通じて世界を探検する

Line of Inquiry 1: Types of transportation (Land, Water, Sky)
Here, we will be investigating different modes of transportation on land, sea, and in the sky.

Line of Inquiry 2: LOI2: The characteristics of transportation
Here we will explore learning about the characteristics of different vehicles like if they are long or short, small or big, fast or slow, and having a lot of fun making some vehicles of our own.

We also had fun learning about the letter “S” this week! S is for Scissors, so we did a lot of cutting. We even made Snowflakes!
今週は「S」の文字についても楽しく学んだ!SはScissors(はさみ)なので、たくさん切りました。Snowflakes (雪の結晶)も作りました!

The kids loved the new phonics song for the letter S. You can listen at home here:

We also started a new phrase song using the phrase “What are you doing?”. Mr. Jon says that the kids are no longer allowed to say “何をしているの?” in class, so please practice this new English phrase at home. ^_^
また、”What are you doing? “というフレーズを使った新しいフレーズの歌も始めました。ジョン先生曰く、子供たちはクラスで “何をしているの?”と言ってはいけないそうです。 機会があれば、ご家庭でも “What are you doing? “の英語フレーズを練習してみてください。^_^


Last week, we started our final IB unit of the year and we think the kids are going to have a lot of fun with it.

Our Central Idea: Celebrating cultural events connects people in unique ways.
私たちの中心的な考え 文化行事を祝うことは、ユニークな方法で人々を結びつける

Line of Inquiry 1: Japanese Cultural Events of the Year

Line of Inquiry 2: Celebrations Around the World

Line of Inquiry 3: Respecting the Diversity and Identity of Different Cultures

Cultural events in Japan were introduced to the children. We especially had an interesting time talking about why there were New Year’s decorations (kadomatsu, kagami mochi, etc.). But the most interesting Japanese celebration we talked about was the folklore behind Tanabata (Star Festival). We feel it will be a great experience for the children to compare similaries and differences between Japanese celebrations and other celebrations in other countries in LOI 2. (We apologize for not taking any photos this time!)

We also reviewed the English phrases. And phonics -ot, -og, -ob and -op were taught.
英語のフレーズも復習した。フォニックスの -ot、-og、-ob、-opも教えた。